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With 60 – 80 % of our churched youth leaving their faith before age 24, many parents with grown children have troubled hearts for the sake of their children and grand children. The question comes up frequently as to whether parents should say anything to these spiritually-wandering grown children?

Our culture would make you feel that your window of influence is over once your children move out and are on their own. But the Bible speaks of a Heavenly Father who never gives up on His children. His plan is for parents to prayerfully reach out to their children to encourage faith at any age.

In June, 2013, Catherine lead a workshop at the Kanuga Retreat Center at the annual “Renewal Conference.” This workshop was for grand parents and grown parents. The 90-minute presentation focused on “How to Encourage Faith in Grown Children Who Have Walked Away.” This workshop examines these issues and offers four biblical steps that parents can follow to effectively point the hearts of their children and grand children to the Lord.

Invite Catherine to come to your church, small group or Bible study to share these four steps in a personal way for your community or parish.

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Workshops are 90 minutes in length. Each one can stand alone or be presented as a series. Cost is $15 per person. more

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