Guidelines for Discipling Our Grandchildren

  1. Make a decision to become intentionally pro-active in discipling your grandchildren
  2. Pray fervently!
    • For yourself to be led by the power of the Holy Spirit
    • For your grandchildren to have a hunger and thirst for the Lord
  3. Develop a written plan about conversations, scriptures, experiences to share with your grandchildren
  4. Explain the Gospel to your grandchildren
    • Read Bible Stories to young children
    • Read the Bible to older children
    • Ask three questions after each reading
      1. What does this story/passage say about God?
      2. What does this story/passage say about me?
      3. What does this story/passage say about my relationship with God?
    • Memorize scripture together
    • Tell your “God-stories” over and over(!)
  5. Speak blessings over your grandchildren (See John Trent’s The Blessing)
  6. Recognize you are in a spiritual warfare for the hearts, minds and lives of your loved ones; PRAY!
  7. Verbalize an active commitment to your grandchildren to walk through life with them

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