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  1. Great job Cathy…I love the site and pray God will promote it throughout the nation. We need this and with your faith and God’s favor it will be a great source of help to many.

  2. Cathy, what a brilliant idea the Lord has blessed you with, and what a courageous Rudy-girl you are!! Love the website, love the blogs, love that you are living your heart’s desire!! I’ll pass this link on to my “people” here at St. Helena’s in Beaufort. May God continue to bless you as you press on in His might.

  3. This Grand Parenting program, Cathy, may be the greatest need ever filled at St. Paul’s. I really believe God has chosen you to move it forward and call our attention to it, and you are doing a magnificent job! Keep on listening to God and showing us “old folk” we still have a lot to learn! Best Wishes! Lee McVay

  4. Hi Kathy! I received all the copies of your recent “BLOGS” and am wondering if it might not be a good thing to re-establish a MEETING with our original Grandparenting group that met at Barbara Baileys for 8 weeks last year? I have talked with all involved and they are ALL missing our core group meeting together, as we once did.
    I am proposing we get together, once again at Barbara Bailey’s home, and all bring a dish, as we used to do, and RE-CONVENE to talk about our “Summer Plans” with the grandchildren. I further think it might not be a bad idea to hear your talk about SALTY GRANDPARENTING as a discipline we might take up in June, perhaps and hear you speak one Saturday at St. Pauls. You could charge us a fee to attend as it would be a “Workshop” and we realize you don’t do this for free.

    Just some ideas for the summer! Peace. Lee McVay

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