Then in the depth of my sorrow and brokenness, the Lord spoke gently to me. He said, “Cathy, be a Rudy!”

When my daughter got married nine years ago, she worried that I would be lonely and sad after the wedding. So, she thought she would remedy the situation by giving to me a small Yorkie puppy! How surprised I was on Christmas morning when “Rudy” leapt out of her arms and into my heart!  Life for me never has been the same since.

This is Rudy

A few years later, I was in the midst of a difficult divorce. Broken to the core, I felt depressed and hopeless. One Saturday morning, I gathered my Bible and journal to go before the Lord and beg Him to help me. As usual, Rudy went with me into my study. Quickly, I settled down. But Rudy did not. Bored with my stillness, he ran to get his ball. Playfully, he dropped the toy at my feet. He barked, wagged his tail and waited eagerly for me to join in the game. When I ignored him, he barked again. Sharply, I told him to be quiet! When he continued to beg for my participation, I impatiently put the little gray doggie outside. Ah, finally, I was able to focus on my time.

An hour, then two, slipped by. I came close to the end of this solitude time. Feeling a bit guilty about Rudy, I let him inside. I returned to my chair to conclude my quiet time. Rudy, ecstatic, ran circles around the room. This time, intrigued, I watched this bundle of boundless energy. After circumnavigating the room, he bounced several times landing into the chair next to me. Pausing for only a few seconds, he jumped up and plopped down on top of my feet. Turning his head, he looked at me with his dark eyes. Then with a tiny bit of more intention, this little fluffy puppy leapt into my lap that was full of books, journal and pencils. How he found a free space to land, I do not know?! But he did. Finally, with a quiet sigh, my little Rudy settled down contented just to be close to me.
During the next few moments, a vital lesson was revealed to me. I asked the Lord – “what could I do to follow Him in this terribly difficult time in my life?”  “How will I ever find the strength and courage to take even the next step?” Life loomed too large and was scary for me to move. Tearfully, I put my head down in hopelessness.

Then in the depth of my sorrow and brokenness, the Lord spoke gently to me. He said, “Cathy, be a Rudy!” I looked at the furry ball curled into a rather tiny space in my lap of books.
“What, Lord?”
“How, Lord?  What do I do?”
“When Life is tough, run as hard as you can towards me. Sit down and be near to me. If you are still struggling, then get up and come closer. Sit at my feet. If that is not enough for you, jump into my lap – there is always room for you, my dearest daughter!”

Years have passed since that memorable Saturday. I’ve never forgotten that lesson. Numerous times I’ve heard the words in my heart to “Be a Rudy!” Quickly, I knew the Lord wanted me to come near to Him, sit at His feet and, when necessary, jump  into His lap!
As grandparents, I believe this “Rudy principle” is the first step towards passing our legacy to the next generations. The Lord longs for us to come to Him and simply “be” in His presence.  Can you imagine that? THE CREATOR of this immense universe LONGS for you and me to come and be with Him. Yet, our culture shouts at us to “do!” “go!” “bigger-better-faster!” We are misled into thinking that our importance is defined by what we accomplish. Or we feel that after years of working hard in the home or work force, we deserve some time to do what we want to do?!  I have found that the Word of God tells us to take the time to “Be STILL and know that He is God!” (Psalm 46:10)  Never before in time has there been as great a need as now for God’s people to go to Him and focus on who He is!

Are your grown children heavy on your heart? Do you have concerns for your grandchildren who are growing up in a world moving fast and furiously? If so, run hard to the Lord! Sit at His feet. And when necessary, jump into His lap!
In other words, be a Rudy!


“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.”   Psalm 37:7
“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”   Psalm 27:14

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