Ella’s Wedding Shoes

Seeing this picture of my granddaughter, Ella Catherine, standing in the wedding shoes of my mother, Ella Permelia; I get teary eyed…. Looking back, I try to imagine my mother on her wedding day  —  a beautiful bride, I’m sure. She lived to celebrate 47 years of marriage to the man she loved!

And then, I try to imagine the day in the future when my granddaughter will put on her own wedding shoes to walk down the aisle and stand before the Lord next to the man of her life.  I wonder… how many years of marriage will they celebrate?    With the divorce rate at 50%, this question is huge and troubles me.   My own marriage ended in the other 50% -deep sadness.  Unspeakable brokenness.  I cannot take for granted that my young Ella will walk in the shoes of her great-grandmother and have a lifetime of marital commitment.

So my assignment, as a grandmother, from the Lord is to fall to my knees praying diligently for this future spouse!  True, Ella is only six years old, but this young man is already here on this earth learning and growing each day.

My prayer for Ella’s Spouse

Lord, lead this man in the way of righteousness -such that one day he will walk next to the bride of his youth as he follows in the footsteps of the great Bridegroom.

There she is with her young-girl feet

Standing demure, so prim and so sweet.

Over her toes are satiny shoes

That were worn years ago as her great grandmother pursues

The man of her life, to say their “I do’s!”


Forty seven years, they stuck together

Through thick and through thin,

Through all kinds of weather.

What will it be like for this future bride?

Will she find a young man to stick by her side?


The world shouts “NO!”

You’ll never make it!

Marriage is too hard.

So don’t try to take it!

Divorce is the way

And don’t you mistake it!


What to do for your children so dear?

Your job as a parent is Biblically clear!

Fall hard to your knees in prayer every day

Claiming the Lord

To make straight their way.


For, this is your legacy,

This is your gift

To the next generation

Making sure there’s NO rift!

Marriage for life, the best kind of gift!

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