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With 80 million grandparents in the United States, you are not alone. Our culture tells us to step aside. The Bible speaks differently. Join Catherine Jacobs in discovering God’s vision for grandparents. As you explore “The Seven Keys”, you will be powerfully equipped to pass a legacy of faith to your grandchildren. It is grand parenting that makes a difference.

Summer Fun!!!

Whether you will see them for just a few days, a month or are the “summer babysitter,” spending time with Grandchildren offers treasured and sometimes challenging time.  So remember the “classics” and build summer memories that rarely fade. Here’s our TOP TEN classic summer fun ideas: 1. Make ice cream […]

A Canine Story: Be a Rudy!

Then in the depth of my sorrow and brokenness, the Lord spoke gently to me. He said, “Cathy, be a Rudy!” When my daughter got married nine years ago, she worried that I would be lonely and sad after the wedding. So, she thought she would remedy the situation by […]